Making Wise Decisions | Luke 10:38-42
by Joshua Leis on July 13th, 2024
IntroductionLife is filled with distractions, whether from the demands of our daily routines, the pressures of work, or even the lure of entertainment. In the midst of all this noise, it’s easy to lose focus on what truly matters—our relationship with the Lord. When we lose focus on Jesus, we lose focus on making wise decisions. In this passage, we’ll dive into the story of Martha and Mary from Lu...  Read More
Embracing the Fruit of the Spirit
by Oliver Leis on June 23rd, 2024
Embracing the Fruit of the Spirit | Encouragement from Oliver L. At some point, everyone struggles with exercising the fruit of the spirit under their own power. Unfortunately, one of the worst tragedies of turning to the flesh instead of the spirit is a church split. However, the Bible teaches believers to rejoice during in tribulations and trials (Rom 5:35, 1 Thes 5:16-18). Being patient in Chri...  Read More
What Causes You To Rejoice?
by Joshua Leis on June 23rd, 2024
What Causes You To Rejoice? | Luke 10:17-20IntroductionThe 72 disciples have returned from their mission trip and are reporting to Jesus that even the demons were subject to them in His name.Key ThemeA Christian’s joy does not stem from what they do, but from who they are in Christ.Sermon PointsWorking for the Lord (v17)When walking in the name, character, and instruction of Christ, believers will...  Read More
Deployed for Christ | Luke 10:1-12
by Joshua Leis on June 9th, 2024
IntroductionJesus deployed 72 disciples to prepare for His visits, assigning them tasks, ensuring their needs were met, and teaching them to handle both acceptance and rejection of His message.Key Theme: Christians have been deployed and commissioned by God to share the peace of Christ according to his prescribed mission and manner.Sermon PointsMission Assignment (Luke 10:1-3)  Mission: Jesus comm...  Read More
#1 Priority: Jesus | Luke 9:57-62
by Joshua Leis on June 2nd, 2024
The #1 Priority: Jesus | Luke 9:57-62Overview: In this passage, Jesus interacts with three individuals, highlighting the priority of following Him in motivation, importance, and commitment.I. Motivation for Following Jesus (Luke 9:57-58)Excited to Follow Jesus (v57)One person declares his intention to follow Jesus anywhere.Attracted to Jesus' reputation: great teacher and miracle worker.Question: ...  Read More
Christ Takes the Initiative | Luke 9:51-56
by Joshua Leis on May 25th, 2024
This Sermon Study Guide outlines Christ’s initiative in calling us to follow Him and His continuous guidance once we are in a relationship with Him. The narrative uses biblical passages focusing on Luke 9:51-56.  Read More